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Soy wax is made from processing soybean oil and because of this is it more natural, and safer than many of the other waxes used to make candles. Soy candles, as mentioned earlier, are made from soybeans. This means you’re using wax that’s made from natural materials and not synthetic, which is better for you and your family.


This soy candle’s longer burn is due to the slower burn time and the cooler temperatures of the soy-based wax while lit. These candles burn much cleaner than the paraffin candle and will not leave a residue of soot on your walls or other surfaces in your home. If you are someone who burns a lot of candles, you will notice over time how the paraffin wax can discolor your walls and furniture. Soy candles burn longer with less mess and are also non-toxic. You never have to worry about unhealthy air in your home when you burn the soy candle. Paraffin candles do not burn as long as the soy candle will. Wax made of soy is biodegradable so you are also making an investment in the environment by using the soy candle.

Many local farmers grow soybeans which are a natural and renewable source for many food products and the soy candle. Other candles are created from paraffin which comes from the nonrenewable source of petroleum. Petroleum contains carcinogenic substances which may be released into the air while they burn. The soy candle is not only a safer burning candle, it helps to support local farmers and provides them an income from their growing operations. The price of soy candles is often more expensive than the paraffin, but they are more affordable in the long run as they last much longer.

why should you use soy?

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