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Cozy liv'n tea


Enjoy the soothing aromatic home-brewing experience of our luxury loose leaf tea. Scented Path's "Cozy Liv'n Tea" is sourced from across the globe, to make up our comprehensive selection of the finest loose leaf luxury teas. Our tea is ethically sourced, meets food and safety standards around the world. Loose leaf tea offers more sophisticated flavors and aromas, as well as never sacrificing freshness. We want everyone to experience the best quality and diverse flavor loose leaf tea has to offer.

  • Hand-blended in small batches to ensure fresh flavor & dazzling aroma.

  • Vegan, No sugar, nothing artificial, no gluten, no dairy

  • Environmentally friendly & Beneficial  to health​


Why loose leaf?

Tea is known for it's numerous amounts of health benefits. What a lot of people don't know is that tea leaves need room to expand to allow water to flow to extract all those important vitamins, minerals, flavors and aromas. Tea bags can limit the infusion of water so you aren't necessarily getting the claimed health benefits. Loose leaf tea is often of a higher quality of tea. You'll notice that the leaves are bigger and heartier than the "dust and fannings" in lower quality tea bags. However, many people worldwide, from the UK to America and India to China, purchase their tea in tea bags and there’s nothing wrong with that! After all, it’s a very convenient and easy way to make your favorite beverage, especially when you’re busy. But if you’ve never tried loose leaf tea, you’re in for a treat. Let’s explore the top five reasons to buy loose leaf tea over tea bags.


For centuries, tea has been used to encourage wellness of the body and mind. Tea contains natural compounds that help reinforce a healthy immune system and support a healthy inflammatory response. Since loose leaf tea is less processed than bagged tea, it retains more of the polyphenols, antioxidants, and other beneficial nutrients.

Many beneficial compounds are lost when tea leaves are processed and packed into bags. Tea bags may also contain synthetic ingredients, preservatives, and other additives that can be harmful to your health.


Loose leaf tea is generally a higher quality tea because it is made with whole or partial tea leaves. In contrast, the tea in tea bags is often made from the broken bits of leaves left over from the production of loose-leaf tea. These smaller pieces are called the “dust and fannings” and can include stems and seeds that make the tea taste bitter. With loose leaf tea, you get more of the whole leaf, which is more potent and provides better flavor. When tea leaves are broken into smaller pieces and mass-produced, such as in tea bags, the essential oils evaporate more quickly, leaving the tea dull and stale. This isn’t to say that all loose-leaf tea is superior to bagged tea. Many companies use high-quality tea leaves in their tea bags. But if you’re curious about your favorite tea, try this experiment. Open a tea bag and pour the dry tea leaves into a pile. You may notice lots of tiny, broken pieces of leaves and dust. Then place a scoop of loose tea leaves next to it. How do the two compare? You’ll likely find whole leaves, buds, and partial leaves in your pile of loose-leaf tea without much dust and remnants. The difference is undeniable!

Brewing loose leaf tea can be a great way to explore the many different flavors of tea and find new sweet or savory combinations that have the potential to invigorate your morning or help calm and relax you in the evening. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of brewing the perfect cup of tea and slowly sipping while allowing your thoughts to roam free.


Bagged tea is typically a standard blend with a one-dimensional taste. Since it’s made for mass production, you generally get a quick brew with a one-note flavor and one-cup use. When tea leaves are tightly packed into a small bag, they can’t fully unfurl and release their flavor. The bag limits the infusion, resulting in a weaker finished brew and a less flavorful cup.

Loose leaf tea, on the other hand, is minimally processed, so it retains more of its natural flavor and aroma. As a result, you’ll get a richer, more nuanced cup of tea with these infusions.

To steep, place your tea leaves in a strainer or infuser that can be situated inside your cup or teapot. Inside the strainer, the tea leaves have room to unfurl and expand as the hot water flows through the loose leaves. As the leaves open, they release a wide range of fragrant flavors. This is when vitamins and minerals are also infused into the hot water. Brewing loose leaf tea results in a more robust, full-flavored cup of tea.

Bagged tea may be convenient, but when tea leaves are allowed to float freely, they can reach their full potential of flavor expression and set your taste buds alight. Imagine the soothing satisfaction of wrapping your hands around a warm mug while slowly inhaling the steamy aroma.


With literally thousands of varieties, loose leaf tea offers many options for customizing your flavor. Unlike tea bags, where you’re stuck with whatever blend is in the bag, loose leaf teas give you more control over the flavor, strength, and sweetness in your cup. For the tea connoisseur, it’s the ability to let their creative and culinary side run wild. Using different variations, you can tailor your cup of tea to suit your personal preferences. Do you prefer a citrusy blend or a heartier brew with a robust flavor? Or maybe an earthy, rich taste with a slightly sweet finish is the perfect way to end your day.


About five billion tea bags are disposed of worldwide each year. While bagged tea may be a more convenient, hassle-free way to make your morning brew, tea bags are not always biodegradable and can contain plastic that is harmful to the environment. Some tea bags may contain microplastics which are released into the boiling water and then ingested. This can be harmful not only to the environment but to your health as well. Luckily, some companies are moving to use fully biodegradable tea bags. If you regularly use tea bags, be sure to look for ways to help the environment by reusing your used tea bags.

On the other hand, loose leaf teas are entirely natural and compostable, making them a much more environmentally-friendly alternative. Loose tea leaves typically use fewer resources during production, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint. This tea usually comes in a tin or box that is completely recyclable. If you’re interested in living a more sustainable lifestyle, why not swap out your tea bags for loose leaf tea?

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