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Enjoy the soothing aromatic home-brewing experience of our luxury loose leaf tea. Scented Path's "Cozy Liv'n Tea" is sourced from across the globe, to make up our comprehensive selection of the finest loose leaf luxury teas. Our tea is ethically sourced, meets food and safety standards around the world. Loose leaf tea offers more sophisticated flavors and aromas, as well as never sacrificing freshness. We want everyone to experience the best quality and diverse flavor loose leaf tea has to offer. Brewing instruction may very depending on what loose leaf tea you choose * See brewing instructions on loose leaf tea canister.

  • Hand-blended in small batches to ensure fresh flavor & dazzling aroma.

  • Vegan, No sugar, nothing artificial, no gluten, no dairy

  • Environmentally friendly & Beneficial  to health​

Our "Cozy Liv'n" Loose Leaf Tea Time Gift Set makes the perfect gift for anyone, including you. Any tea lover will enjoy this comforting and relaxing gift. Perfect for early mornings and tea time afternoons alone or with friends. Get a taste of luxury in every sip of our superior grade of loose leaf teas.

Loose Leaf Tea Time Gift Set comes with:

  • (1) 12 oz. Nordic Style Ceramic Mug /w stirring spoon (White or Black)
  • (1) Stainless Steel, Perfect cup of Tea Spoon
  • (1) Stainless Steel, Infuser Ball
  • (1) 2.5 oz. Canister of Loose leaf Tea (of your choice)
  • (5) Plant based, Loose Tea, Reusable Tea Filter Bags


STORAGE CONDITIONS: Store in a cool, dry, dark place (15-30 degrees Celsius).

SHELF LIFE LOOSE TEA: 10 years unopened, 2 years after opening.


Loose Leaf Tea Time Gift Set


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